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Ladies of Le Boudoir

If you would like to see our frequent updates of new ladies follow us on Twitter here…   For those of you who aren’t on Twitter check back regularly as we are updating our New Ladies to Le Boudoir below.

🌻SUNDAY FUNDAY🌻 Come & have some fun with... 💛Jade 💛Maddison 💛Lily 💛Angela 💛Dahlia 💛Akira 💛Jennifer #LeBoudoir… https://t.co/A7zwmTp292
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💋HOORAY ITS SATURDAY💋 Today we have the gorgeous... 👠Maddison 👠Jennifer 👠Bonnie 👠Libby 👠Marie 👠Akira 👠Giselle 👠Ale… https://t.co/bsy4NdhvHs
☀️HAPPY FRIDAY LOVERS ☀️ Come & say hello to... 🌟Beck ✨Madison 🌟Giselle ✨Angela 🌟Bella ✨Marie 🌟Evie ✨Dahlia 🌟Ashl… https://t.co/ejzUKLnGip
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Aashi is on tonight she is looking forward to seeing her regulars and is very happy to meet new Regs #BestGirls… https://t.co/5nYzKquOwE
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🍑HOORAY FOR HUMPDAY🍑 Come & celebrate the mid week with the peachy... 🖤Giselle 🍑Alexis 🖤Bonnie 🍑Lucy 🖤Bella 🍑Akira… https://t.co/NKQG9Fefpj
HAPPY TUESDAY ❤️ Come & say hello to the gorgeous... ❣️Alexis ❣️Chelsea ❣️Beck ❣️Marie ❣️Akira ❣️Ruby ❣️Libby ❣️Kr… https://t.co/Abk1wP0mnM
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❤️ The OH SO Seductive Sofia ❤️ Back tonight till 4am, make sure you don’t miss out lovers. See you soon 💋… https://t.co/LYFsK1crvm
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🤍 HAPPY SATURDAY 🤍 Come & say hello to the more than SATisfying.. 🤍Jennifer 🤍Maddison 🤍Marie 🤍Bonnie 🤍Angela 🤍Aash… https://t.co/gVGg20IYEa