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Hello to everyone. Hope we will be open sometime in November maybe if numbers keep down earlier #BestBrothel… https://t.co/2iREIYLpFI
We will be resuming at Le Boudoir as soon as its safe for everyone #AdultWork #BestBrothel #Collingwood… https://t.co/GbGiMPJEE9
We are now half way into lock down. I have received texts from a lot of ladies of Le Boudoir they are all well and… https://t.co/n8htmRfnir
I’m thinking Victoria should lock down ASAP for 4 weeks now. Maybe save some lives and it might stop this thing dra… https://t.co/w4KvHuzuaP
Today I have been in touch with the ladies of Le Boudoir they are disappointment we wont be seeing our loyal client… https://t.co/Dp5nt8zfah
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While we have been closed we have used the time to complete our total renovation #BestBrothel #MelbourneGirls… https://t.co/Yj5cMf9cQU
We might be waiting to open up a little longer but it will be worthwhile waiting for the Best Ladies in Melbourne.… https://t.co/0JEk8tVlSx
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