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Another email has been sent to relevant Ministers requesting to open Legal Brothels safety for Ladies & Receptionis… https://t.co/uLtLIKN1IF
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To all our loyal clients. I know you are phoning I’m sorry I cant answer. Be sure I don’t stop putting our case for… https://t.co/Vb9qwpQ7pN
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After some advice received last night I now believe we will have some good news on our opening date. #BestBrothel… https://t.co/9o0UN5n7b9
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@JHCHL4YQ07wrQVF @VickieVixen1 You have never heard anything like that because nothing remotely like that has ever… https://t.co/OiaGYHyaDM
@Daki21690117 They are both waiting to come back just as soon as its legal to do so.
Legal Brothels not in the Premiers list of businesses to open. Not even in July is my understanding. Illegals (Mass… https://t.co/bJ9GByMHui
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@DiscreetGents @StudioHoneys Yes that is how I feel. I find it so odd that “Massage Parlors” can open. What massage… https://t.co/1CvxlUppTR
RT @DiscreetGents: @LeBoudoirMelb I remember that period. Every one changed their work practices and we set an example of safer sex. For e…